To The Friend I Lost

I thought I was okay with losing you. I reached a point where I didn’t care anymore. I reached a point where there’s no other choice but to move on. But then there are these small moments when I would remember you, and I’d wonder, where I went wrong. I kept on analyzing my actions, my words, the situation, and how I should react on it. I kept on looking on it on a rational point of view, trying to […] Read More

Backpacking Through Ilocos

As much as I’d like to tell this story in detail, I don’t think I have an interested-enough audience to stick with it. But let me tell you, A LOT has happened in this trip. It is one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had – complete with all the highs and lows. I’ll try to keep the story short, please bear with me. Also I’ll provide the original itinerary and a tally of expenses and some contact numbers […] Read More

The Deep, Creepy Waters of Lake Pandin

My girlfriend came from night duty so she didn’t have any sleep. I only had 2 hours of zzz before I packed, showered and left to go to her house Thursday morning. When I got there, she was eating breakfast, still in her pambahay clothes. We discussed whether to do it today or tomorrow, because obviously, she’s needs some sleep. Yet she pushes to do it that day. I wait for her to get ready and we set out at 11am.

Bitch Be Crazy | The Girl On The Train Film Review

  Okay, I haven’t read the book yet. But I just finished watching the movie and it was fucking awesome! I know people widely relate it with Gone Girl, having seen its trailer maybe a month ago. It definitely did catch my attention because of that Gone Girl vibe. (Because Gone Girl blew my brains out! First the novel, then the movie. I’m so in love with Gillian’s works I just ugh) If you have seen that movie and liked it, you […] Read More

Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve already told two of my friends that I have a bad habit of reading comments and getting a laugh out of it. I consider it a bad thing because in order to get a laugh out of it, you’ll have to filter through SEVERAL hateful and ignorant comments first (though some of those are satirically funny). Observing how people behave and speak online, I’ve been coming to a realization that I can no longer contain. Not because it’s massive, but because […] Read More

Measuring Superficial Pain

Note: This topic, although an analysis of human emotions, is highly subjective and depends on social situations. It does not cover conversations, situations and experiences that fall under profession, politics and science. You know what’s hurting right now? A lot of superficial things. But how do we judge it to be superficial? What is superficial pain?