The WIP Paradise | San Rafael River Adventure

I called it a work in progress because half of the place is still under construction. But it has a lot of potential. And the parts that are already done? Beautiful.

We loved the glass houses and we’d like to try it on a future visit. What we had was a glamping tent. There were other guests during our stay. And we assumed that they also took the day tour, which is scheduled 7:00am to 6:00pm.



We arrived 8:30am, not bad for the two of us, haha! We decided to walk around during the morning. The sun was out, it was hot, and the scenery is calling us for some pictures!


Our lunch is served in the tent area. The tent is covered with a roof, how convenient. Their food, I shoud say, is very pricey. We ordered a plate of liempo (stated for 2 pax) but I’m sure the one served is good for only one stomach.


I took a nap after eating lunch. Lo and behold, when I woke up, the skies are dark and it’s on the brink of crying. We rushed into our rash guards and hurried to the bank of the lake. But we were too late, the staff told us to wait because it has started raining. After waiting for a while, we gave up on the idea of taking our 1 hour free kayaking because with the looks of the sky, it won’t stop any time later. So we decided to swim instead!


The pool was interesting because this is the first I’ve seen where it has a gradual decline into the deep part of the pool – just like a beach! The bad part was maybe the other guests mistook it as an actual beach because I saw some walking with their slippers on the shallow parts of the water – as if it’s a real beach. It’s not. And the dirt of your feet and footwear? It’s now in the pool.


We enjoyed our time in the pool nonetheless. When we decided to clean up and pack up, the rain stopped. We really regret not taking the kayak earlier. But what can we do. We took more photos on the way out. The staff were really accommodating. They called in a trike to bring us to the terminal.


A mini story: Cams spilled her water bottle inside her bag, consequently wetting some of her clothes. She hanged in on a given rack in the tent area. But when it rained, I didn’t know that the rack was outside the extent of the roof. She knew, but she forgot. In the end, I had the privilege of seeing my love in my short shorts. She had her swimming shorts dried in front of the fan, just in time. She’d do anything to wear anything else, just not my or anyone’s short shorts. Hahaha.

All photos by from Cams Cantos 🙂

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