Reverse Bucket List

I have a daily newsletter subscription from Fast Company and one of the most interesting things I’ve read from them is the “Reverse Bucket List“. It’s basically listing down the things that you have already done – of which you are grateful for or proud of – rather than listing down things that you want to do in the future. They said that yearly bucket lists are always rather daunting to follow. It’s like a long term to-do list so it’s easy to be overwhelmed by it and be disappointed that you haven’t done so much things in life. We’re usually so caught up on moving forward and doing more (or caught up on past and present heartbreaks, grudges or strong emotions) that we neglect to see the things that we have already achieved.

The content of this list doesn’t have to be tangible. It’s not always about winning a prize or a place. Sometimes it’s also improving oneself, making and keeping relationships, forming good habits. It’s kind of a brag list that you can look at every time you feel down. Because it’s never bad to also recognize the good things that you have done. Below will be my list.

  1. Won first place in an outside digital arts competition
  2. Found my family in my friends
  3. Learned to love myself (in it’s deepest form)
  4. Launched a proper blog – and kept it running
  5. Consistently created videos on my existing Youtube channel
  6. Traveled to a foreign country alone/Flew alone
  7. Lived 3 months independently on a foreign country
  8. Started paying home internet bill
  9. Survived the first 20 years of my life – LIFE FEAT
  10. Actually graduated
  11. Graduated a president and a board director
  12. Broke my 8 years of comfort to self-harm
  13. Opened myself up to others
  14. Allowed myself to feel and fall in love
  15. Walked away from many toxic people
  16. Shifted my mindset
  17. Dreamed and still dreaming big
  18. Bought an original pair of sneakers
  19. Won a bike through a Halloween costume contest
  20. Bought my own new phone
  21. Treated my family to a fancy dinner
  22. Paid my 6-month 3D Animation specialist course
  23. Backpacked through Ilocos with only a day of planning
  24. Bought a fine pair of headphones
  25. Learned how to pay online
  26. Competed in Hiphop International Regionals NCR
  27. Beach camped on an empty island
  28. Helmet dived
  29. Found 2 jobs on my own
  30. Fought for myself and for what I think is right
  31. Never dropped honesty and integrity, even if it means burning bridges and losing friends
  32. Became a flyer, got tossed in a (champion) routine
  33. Bleached and dyed my hair
  34. Had a sit down argument/discussion with my father (just once) (related to 30.)
  35. Got myself the professional help I needed, and paid for it

In typing these, I felt giddy and I was jumping up and down deep inside. To remember all these wins makes me feel so good, I can’t help but internally cheer myself on! I’d say that almost all of these, I never thought I’d be able to do years ago. I fucking promise. But here I am. And I as grow wiser, my goals get bigger. To some, my list might look so mundane and normal, but I can’t help it – I feel really proud of these.

I urge whoever is reading to go do a list of their own. Go read the article of Fast Company to understand how it works, and then write! Don’t hold yourself down if you’re one of those pessimist masochistic types – be proud! And please be proud of the good things. Go do! It is an easy hack to lifting up your spirits.

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