On Coming Home

I am home and I don’t think I will leave again – for work under this company anyway. To work on a desktop and be remote is quite inefficient, don’t you think? I do.

Those two weeks were sadder than the 3 months I did last year. Maybe because I didn’t want to go back anymore. And the two weeks I experienced supports my predicament. The day I was flying home was the most rewarding feeling I ever felt in my stay under this company. The days prior to it were surely surreal. I wanted say goodbye to the people who made me feel an inch better every day – the food vendors. Hahaha! But I didn’t have the guts to just say goodbye, I’m sure my presence in their society doesn’t make a difference. So I took pictures for myself instead.

This is the exact meal I will miss from this place. The ladies serving are charming as well. They recognized me when I came back and noted that I was gone for a long time. This is one place that I will probably come back to in the future because I want to let my girlfriend try my favorite food during my stay.

This dimsum place is on the other side of the rice store. I only eat one thing on this restaurant though, haha. Never had the interest to try the others. In the winter, it was extremely comforting to have my throat scalded by hot pork wonton. Add to that the next-level chili sauce they have. Yum! Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the food starting from this restaurant onwards.

In the first few weeks stay last year, all I ate for lunch was Sheng Qian Bao from the store in the first photo. The man serving had a permanent scowl on his face. But as the time went on, he eventually lightened up on me. This day though, the day I took this photo, he fully smiled – an ear to ear smile (as you can see in the photo).

The second photo is where I get my siopaos and matcha latte respectively.

In the apartment area, this is one of my absolute favorites. But the only thing I buy from them is akin to the spicy chicken I have from Toribox, Hotstar and Ersao – large spicy chickenchop! I always ask for extra chili powder; to which they often laugh because I seem to never have enough of it. On the other side of the street of this is another rice store, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Other places that I wanted to document were the office, Baixin Stationery/Bookstore and the subway.


I’m not saying that I’m NEVER going back. I’m just saying that I think I’m never going back for the purpose of work under this company. So I’m aware that I might never be able to feel the feeling of commuting or walking around with work at the back of my mind.

With that said, I am home! Home never felt so good. Plus, the next day was my first day of 3D class! Exciting.

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