Moving Out Again?

Okay. So yes, another “life update” type of post haha. A lot has been happening albeit unnoticeable to social media due to my lack of online activity.
I moved to a new place!
Where? Bonifacio Point
Why? Easy. I hate long, daily commutes and I’m basically buying my own time for other more important stuff. Plus – total independence
Kumusta naman? It’s been a mild emotional rollercoaster ride! I don’t know why but it feels sadder to move out within the country rather than moving out to another country. For the first few days, I just felt sad. Contrary to how proud people were when I moved to China, I received more negative feedback than positive ones this time. I felt prouder this time because I felt massively independent, but people seemed to think otherwise.

It’s a really small space, but it has all the basics that I need. And it’s only 15 minutes away from work, which is what I wanted the most.
This move is also an experiment, to be honest. It’s a risk I took to see if I can handle my expenses and myself on my own, or if I’m gonna be needing help down the line. Before the end of my lease contact, which is around 6 months, as per “event/project” routine, I’m going to do a post-event evaluation and see if it’s still feasible and practical to continue. And a mid eval too, since this is a long term thing. I’m sure this experience is going to give me more knowledge and lessons, but there was one factor that I neglected up until now – family. A bittersweet realization of my career-oriented self. We’ll see how this plays out.

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