Most Notable Moments Of My 2017

This year has been really fun for me – fun meaning it had a lot of ups and downs. It is the first full year out of college, and damn! A lot happened in 365 days. Everything that happened in the first half of the year seemed so distant already. Let’s start the most notable moments list with this:

1. Resigning and getting fired at my first regular job

This surreal experience is definitely one for the books. Not to mention that it’s a first regular job – therefore, first time to submit a resignation letter and simultaneously also the first time to get fired! Really fun. I hyperlinked two different blog posts I wrote above, one is when I got in, one is when I got out. Read on if you’re interested in the gritty details.

2. Bleeding through a (white) hotel bed

This one happened when we went to Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon Festival 2017. We’ve been eyeing this event since late 2016 so when the time came, I made sure that the plan came true. Long story short, the trip was a series of unfortunate events – bleeding on a pure white bed is one of them.

I wasn’t attacked or whatever, it’s just the monthly schedule of any normal human female. I woke up panicking when I realized that the butt area of the bed was damp with blood! For fuucccckkkk’s saaake! It was one of the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me because the staff who came to clean up were men. We were asked to pay for the damages and were eventually given the stained sheets and bed pad. And when we were on the front desk dealing with this misfortune, the housekeeping staff brought down the stained sheets and pulled out the stained part to show it to the front desk person. PEOPLE WERE PEEKING AND LEANING OVER LIKE MY BLOOD WAS A SHOW. I cried. I’m a person who hardly gets embarrassed because I just don’t care about a lot of things but this! Holy fucking shit. It felt different.

3. Celebrating our second year anniversary at Caliraya Mountainlake Resort

Enough about negative things – although misfortune are always funny to tell. The third on the list made it on the list because of how peaceful and fun it came to be. It’s one of the most perfect, smooth-sailing trips I had. Read on via the link above or watch the video here!

4. Hiphop International Regionals!

Obviously this is on the list because it’s HHI! It was our impossible goal but we eventually did it, even if it’s just the regionals round. All it took was courage and commitment, haha! We didn’t expect anything really, we just wanted to experience what it’s like to compete in this international competition. And boy, it did not disappoint. Click the link for the video of our routine!

5. Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

By far, the most magical place I have ever been in my life. Look at how foggy it is! It felt like I was in Heaven. Click the link and scroll through some more photos! Words can’t explain how beautiful this place is.

6. Missing my first solo flight (and everything after)

This whole is such an adventure. It started when I got this one job from Jobstreet. It didn’t seem like much because it was a medical company, but I the offer piqued my interest – work at China. I’ve always liked change. So this one had my blood cells excited. I accepted it even though I wasn’t sure if it’s a real company. I kept joking to my friends to find me in case this is human trafficking. But it’s not, and it was an entirely unique experience. Consequently, I missed the flight that was supposed to take me to my second regular job – it was also my first time to fly solo. So… yeah that was surreal.

7. First beach camp at Hundred Islands, Pangasinan!

Another first in my book! Beach camp and helmet diving. A long time has passed since the last time I visited the sea, so this trip was heart-melting. Not to mention we had Governor’s Island all on our own! My girlfriend, being the nurse and the carer that she is, was worried that what we did was dangerous; that if something happened to us, no one will know. I on the other hand, just… don’t… care. It’s like, I trust the locals enough or I’m stupid. Anyway, the next day we did island hopping and helmet diving. I kept laughing while down under (the sea) just because of sheer joy. One fish bit me though because I came to close to its home. Oh well.

2017, definitely LOTS of first times! Bad times, good times – all great times! I hope 2018 brings me a lot more of these interesting stories. So does that mean that I won’t last in this second job as well…? Don’t know, haha! I just need my life to have contrast and not be monotonous in storytelling so – 2018, BRING IT!

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