A more expensive take on a classic fairy tale | A Film Review of Beauty and the Beast

This movie surely had people on their heels when they released their teaser trailer last year. Emma Watson playing as Belle, who would want to miss that?

They definitely did not disappoint. One thing I can say overall is that what I watched looked positively costly. I got much more than what I paid for. It’s all visually luxurious: the design, animation, setting (the castle); as well as technically expensive: the amount of equipment used, CGI’s, the time spent making all of it. These kind of films make me want to pursue it more, especially the 3D animation part. They made beauty¬†in¬†the beast. He was uncannily lovable for a beast! His face still looked adorable, still projected that of a human one, with all the different expressions the prince does. If I might say, the creation of the beast was my favorite out of all.

It also amazes me how they made this classic fairy tale new again, without even changing much of it! It felt like a new story to me, leaving me (almost) on the edge of my seat on what will happen next. I also caught on the fact that they showed the prince’s face without really showing it, in order to leave more mystery to the ending. As for Emma, I thought her facial structure was a little too “edgy” and mature, compared to Belle’s original innocent and young design.

This review is all over the place, haha, but I 100% recommend it to anyone! Just make sure to choose the right seats and the right time. The viewers in front of our seats were children and repeatedly stood up, talked to each other, passed things to each other, blocking our view from time to time. But hey, this is one film I could watch for another time in the cinema. 10/10!

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