2018 Mid-Year Reflection

It has been my constant habit to evaluate myself every after project, or after a certain duration. On my 2017 Year-End Review, I made some progress on social skills, networking and life skills. This year was assigned for the hard skills. Let’s see how I did for the first half of the year.


3D Course

This definitely what made my first half very productive and progressive. I learned a new skill and I enjoyed it so much. Although there’s still SO much to learn about this medium, I’ve gotten enough knowledge so that I can create decent works.


Skill Progress

Social skills – There definitely were some ups and downs. My relationship with my senior improved but I grew more distant with my friends and family. I gave deep focus on my hard skills and independence that I practically just forgot about taking care of the others.

Hard skills – There was an upscale mainly because of the 3D course I took. I remain stagnant on the other areas. Although, some commented that my 2D art has improved (maybe just a bit).


Physical Fitness

Downfall. It’s the pit of sedentary lifestyle. I’m trying to get back into it because there’s an evident change on my body, look-wise and strength-wise. But so far, nothing.



I learned something about myself just recently. I learned the possibility of me being the toxic person, instead of everybody else who I deem to be. It felt like I was living in a delusional world, where I thought I was right, mainly because other people agreed with me. I’m also having a hard time feeling empathy towards other people. I know I’m not a good person, but I didn’t know that I was a toxic person. I took the personality test again since it’s been years since my last take, and I’m still a strong INTJ-A. The calculated moves I’ve been doing were in accordance to that of its description. But it still doesn’t explain – why? Why don’t I feel any patience towards those supposed toxic people? Why am I quick to leave? It just says that it is. Because it is my personality. Anyway, I might write this on a different post.


Final Thoughts & Action Plan

I’m happy that my main goal for this year is being followed through.  There are some setbacks of course. There will always be. I just have to re-group myself, and think of my priorities, what’s best for me. I also have to reflect about the part where I’m toxic, easily triggered and selfish – if it’s too much, or if it’s just human. I’ll continue doing what I’m doing, since this year is the year of hard skill. But maybe I’ll be more self-aware and conscious of how I treat people around me.

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