Progress In Art Journey

It has been a two months since my last blog post. I almost feel disappointed with myself. But I have a valid reason for my unscheduled hiatus – art school.
Yes, I got into art school again. I took a 6-month specialist course at CIIT, for 3D modelling and animation.
I’ve always wanted to learn 3D but I haven’t gotten around to trying out Blender (even though I’ve already watched many videos from Blender Guru, Andrew Price). I’ve also been eyeing this course for over a year so now that I can afford it, I pushed through!
To share a short detail about me – I like setting goals. Long term then short term, just so that I have a direction. Last year’s main goal was developing soft skills and networking skills. This year is the year of the hard skills. And so, My sequence of priorities changed a bit, putting 3D and 2D art at the top. So far I’ve made only 2 digital paintings (that’s so sad) and 3 models are in progess.

It’s been rather slow lately. But yet again, I don’t want to always be disappointed in myself because it’ll be counterproductive to wallow in self-pity. I work really hard on each models (well because it’s so damn fun!) so I’ll give myself some leeway on my work speed and progress consistency.
To wrap this up, I set up some new accounts where you can watch me grow and support me if you want to.
Nevertheless, I will still keep up with blogging, and video editing. I’ve also been watching some visual effects stuff so hopefully I can get to that sooner than later! Peace!

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