Netflix Movies & Series Review | February

I’ve watched a couple of content on Netflix and I repeatedly felt like I wanted to write something about them on my blog. So compiling them into one post seemed like a nifty idea. There’s no spoilers below so no need to worry.


The Babysitter

I’m one for realistic story lines, but the idealistic take of this movie is an exception. The cinematic art of it saves it from the typical “does that really happen in real life?!” reaction. They made it super obvious that it’s not meant to be taken in a serious and realistic context. The dialogues are funny, the characters are cute (especially the protagonist), and the colors and motion graphics are yummy to say the least.

Rating: 8/10 (-2 for some corny dialogue and acting in some parts)

When We First Met

This falls under corny-but-fine because it’s so lighthearted and funny. And I think they made it to be that way. It’s just my personal preference when I say I don’t like corny dialogue (unrealistic punch lines and jokes) but some people may have a liking on those. The protagonist being Adam Devine, of course we’re going to have some stylistic comedy on our hand (mainly because of his ability to mash his face into unrecognizable shapes). The first 3/4 of the movie was fine. The last quarter was where I went “awww” because I guess I didn’t see it coming. Watch this if you just want something to pass your time, or if you want to have a lighthearted bonding with your friends and family.

Rating: 6/10


This one feels like when you ate an unripe avocado or banana, or cooked meat with mushy fats that stay on your tongue – the icky feeling on the tongue, this is that. I kind of regret watching this because I felt like I wasted my time. I don’t like any of it. It’s just generic mainstream comedy. I watched it because it’s Tina Fey and I had good memories of her from Mean Girls. But this is just cheap. Don’t bother. Unless you like mainstream generic comedy movies.

Rating: 1.5/10 (1 for effort, .5 for having John Cena)

You Get Me

I have to be honest, I judged this too early when I was watching. I abhor unrealistic storytelling especially when you tell stories of relationships. I reacted way too early in the movie that when I ranted to my girlfriend, she told me to “stop judging it, it’s not the main plot so let this pass”. Which was true because when it started telling the main plot, I realized that I liked it. I liked the creepiness of it. I don’t know how to react to the protagonist’s dishonesty though. On one hand, it’s understandable because he’s scared, there are people like this and it keeps the plot moving. On the other hand, it’s fucking stupid and it pisses me off because it doesn’t align with my principles. The ending felt rushed and incomplete. I understand incomplete and hanging endings but I guess I expected a resolution for this one.

Rating: 5/10

Teenage Cocktail

This was an accidental click on Netflix. I meant to click back but then Emily’s (from Until Dawn) real life face came up that I stayed and watched the whole thing. It was a good decision I stayed because I enjoyed the flow of this film. It tells of teenage love for people, and love for your dreams and goals. It obviously has that indie film vibe to it, and the use of colors were well-thought of. How they tackled the relationship between the main girl and her parents was interesting. It told of a very unique story but not once did I feel like it was unrealistic (maybe just one part near the ending? But I’ll drop it).

Rating: 8/10


The End Of The Fucking World (Season 1)

I got attracted to it because it had “fucking” in the title. I rarely see cuss words in titles. This was oh so good because the characters were so packed (there’s a word for this I’m sure but I can’t think of it right now) and the character development was A+. I liked the brown hues and its indie vibe but other than these,ve a I don’t hanything else to pick out from it. I would recommend this solely for the characters. They’re just really well-made.

Rating: 9/10

Everything Sucks (Season 1)

A perfect nostalgia trip to the 90’s. They crafted this decade beautifully. They had careful attention to detail in what was used, what was worn, and what mattered in the 90’s. Plus the soundtrack is amazing. I also loved the characters and how flawed they are as teenagers. I rarely watch anything extremely lighthearted, pure, happy and fun – so this is definitely one of the exceptions, and one that I absolutely loved! If you want to have your hearts filled with 90’s nostalgia, happiness and love, watch this in one sitting!

Rating: 10/10


There are some series available on Netflix that I’ve already watched before I got on it. So maybe I’ll make a separate list for that? (I just really want to mention that Breaking Bad IS MY ABSOLUTE LOVE and The Blacklist is amazing as well. Ugh go watch Breaking Bad please for the love of fucking dfhkjdf they’re available on Netflix if you or your friend has a subscription. Go binge that shit!) Ok bye.

Ps. I put “February” on the title because it will be confusing if I make another post like this in the future and have them in the same title. It’s just for the possibility, so it won’t be like a monthly thing.

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