I’m Hanna Dee, 24, and I:

  • love (including but not limited to) art, dance, books, thinking,  our brain, games, crime, gore and travel
  • organize shit but I’m quite lousy on myself
  • am a sleepyhead
  • always cuss, have no filter, but also always guilty when I know I did wrong
  • am an INTJ
  • live by honesty

I currently work as a multimedia artist in a medical pseudo-production company. I write as a hobby. I do video shoots + editing and animation as my professional service. I recently studied 3D modelling and animation and am working towards that path – into the game/film/animation industry (which is what I really wanted ever since!). I love learning new things, skills and ideas. Human thinking and behavior fascinates me. Stick around if wanna know more. I always try to share what I learn, and/or opinions about anything. See ya!

All the best,

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Header image: Erik Jan Leusink from Unsplash