What’s Up This Year?

Wow, another year again! 2018 passed by so quickly. Granted, last year wasn’t as exciting as I expected it to be, it still gave me its own share of learning and growth. My biggest achievements in the year 2018 were taking that 3D course and moving out. Yup, I’m only counting two achievements for the entire year. And admittedly I felt disappointed that I wasn’t able to achieve anything else. But no, I don’t want to rob myself of the […] Read More

First Solo Hike | Taal Volcano

Severe Craving For Nature It is true that you only have 4 burners in your life. Whenever you prioritize certain things, you pay less attention to others. After months of total concentration on my craft, I felt a severe longing and craving for nature. Suddenly, the tall buildings surrounding me seemed taller and more dominant. I needed to see the horizon – I needed to feel free. My friends weren’t available on the nearest possible date, so I opted to […] Read More

Guarding an Innately Destructive Self

Is what it feels like to have – whatever. I have to constantly be there for myself or else I go back to my default setting: self-destructive. That’s the hardest part for me right now because I’ve been good for a long time. Not perfectly consistent, but I’ve been good to myself. On days that I relapse, I realize that my “good self” is not my normal self. Because it’s so fucking easy to go back to the way I […] Read More

2018 Mid-Year Reflection

It has been my constant habit to evaluate myself every after project, or after a certain duration. On my 2017 Year-End Review, I made some progress on social skills, networking and life skills. This year was assigned for the hard skills. Let’s see how I did for the first half of the year.

Moving Out Again?

Okay. So yes, another “life update” type of post haha. A lot has been happening albeit unnoticeable to social media due to my lack of online activity. I moved to a new place! Where? Bonifacio Point Why? Easy. I hate long, daily commutes and I’m basically buying my own time for other more important stuff. Plus – total independence Kumusta naman? It’s been a mild emotional rollercoaster ride! I don’t know why but it feels sadder to move out within […] Read More

Progress In Art Journey

It has been a two months since my last blog post. I almost feel disappointed with myself. But I have a valid reason for my unscheduled hiatus – art school. Yes, I got into art school again. I took a 6-month specialist course at CIIT, for 3D modelling and animation. I’ve always wanted to learn 3D but I haven’t gotten around to trying out Blender (even though I’ve already watched many videos from Blender Guru, Andrew Price). I’ve also been […] Read More

Netflix Movies & Series Review | February

I’ve watched a couple of content on Netflix and I repeatedly felt like I wanted to write something about them on my blog. So compiling them into one post seemed like a nifty idea. There’s no spoilers below so no need to worry. Movies The Babysitter I’m one for realistic story lines, but the idealistic take of this movie is an exception. The cinematic art of it saves it from the typical “does that really happen in real life?!” reaction. […] Read More

On Coming Home

I am home and I don’t think I will leave again – for work under this company anyway. To work on a desktop and be remote is quite inefficient, don’t you think? I do. Those two weeks were sadder than the 3 months I did last year. Maybe because I didn’t want to go back anymore. And the two weeks I experienced supports my predicament. The day I was flying home was the most rewarding feeling I ever felt in […] Read More

Reverse Bucket List

I have a daily newsletter subscription from Fast Company and one of the most interesting things I’ve read from them is the “Reverse Bucket List“. It’s basically listing down the things that you have already done – of which you are grateful for or proud of – rather than listing down things that you want to do in the future. They said that yearly bucket lists are always rather daunting to follow. It’s like a long term to-do list so it’s easy […] Read More

Most Notable Moments Of My 2017

This year has been really fun for me – fun meaning it had a lot of ups and downs. It is the first full year out of college, and damn! A lot happened in 365 days. Everything that happened in the first half of the year seemed so distant already. Let’s start the most notable moments list with this: 1. Resigning and getting fired at my first regular job This surreal experience is definitely one for the books. Not to mention that it’s […] Read More